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Eight 120-ton converters assort with square billet , rectangular billet conticaster ,LF finery.
One 90-ton ultral high power electric furnance imported from DANIELI , Italy . Assorted with ballet and round caster , two LF refining furnace and one VD vacuum refining furnace.
Five high - speed production lines of alloy steel wire rods import American Morgan V rolling mill and the products are widely used to make fasteners, connecting pieces , electrodes , prestressed steel wires , wireropes , springs , bearing , steel cords , etc.
Four production lines of alloy round bar steel and hot rolled ribbed steel bars produce ϕ10-ϕ40mm ribbed bars
(HRB335, HRB400,HRB400E,RB500,HRB500E)
Three production lines of alloy steel bars produce quality round bar steel , pipe steel billet , bearing steel and cold pier steel , etc. with the size of ϕ14-ϕ130mm , which are widely used for oil well pipes , high pressure boiler tubes , machinery steel pipes , etc.
Two high-speed production lines of steel wire rods produce ϕ6-ϕ14mm round steel wire rods and ϕ6-ϕ12mm thread steel wire rods , which are widely used for building materials,etc.
One production line of alloy strip steel produce ϕ1.5-ϕ4-millimeter-thick strip steel , widely used in welded steel tubes , welded pipes , material package , etc .

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