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While developing the main steel industry , the group also takes social and environmental responsibility consciously . She has invested more than 5 billion Yuan to carry out a series of recycling economy , energy saving technology and two-oriented integration projects , such as TRT , low temperature cogeneration , sintering and desulfurization , power plant desulfurization ,power plant desulfurization denitration , water recycling in city , wastewater treatment plant , energy control center , etc ., following the development policy -“Persist in independent innovation , develop recycling economy , build green factory”and to apply advanced energy-saving and environment-friendly technique.

The group invests to set up Changzhou zhongding Building Materials Company Limited which owns two production lines of superfine slag power and makes LGMS5725 mill the main machinery to process blast furnace slag water and produce main product main product superfine slag powder. This pewder, as the raw material of cement production , can be produced 2.2 million ton . The products are widely applied to dam , underwater , road , corrosion prevention , large infrastructure , high-rise building , etc.

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